How do you want to use the PPI?

Getting started with the PPI can feel a bit daunting. It’s best to ask yourself how you intend to use the data that you’ll collect from PPI surveys. Making this determination right at the start will help you focus on actionable insights as you analyze the data.


1. Measure Poverty Outreach

Do you want to understand the poverty levels of a group of households that you’re working with? If so, is that for reporting back to management and stakeholders? Do you also want to benchmark your organization’s poverty outreach against national and regional poverty rates?

Learn how to use the PPI to measure your poverty outreach here.

2. Improve Social Performance

Will you use the PPI to segment your market by poverty level or create customer profiles? Will you use the data to improve how you target clients, or make strategic decisions or product design changes in order to reach poorer clients?

Learn how to use the PPI to improve your social performance here.

3. Track Changes in Poverty Rates

Do you want to be able to assess changes in poverty rates of customer groups over time?

Learn how to use the PPI to track changes in poverty rates here.

4. Not Sure Yet

If you’re not sure yet, but want to learn more, click here.