Webinar: What Can an Impact Investor Do with PPI Data?

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017 from 9:00-10:00AM EDT, the PPI team hosted a webinar geared specifically towards impact investors. The webinar addressed how impact investors can make use of PPI data and aimed to answer the question many investors have: if we systematically collect or get access to this data, what can we do with it? The webinar emphasized the importance of household level poverty data when working with low and middle income communities in the BoP, regardless of whether there is a specific poverty alleviation agenda.

Ashley Speyer, Senior Impact Associate at Acumen, shared why Acumen uses the PPI, the value they and their investees derive from it, and some examples of data they produce and use. In addition, Samantha Duncan, LeapFrog Investments' Head of Impact, shared how PPI helps LeapFrog investees segment their markets and conduct customer analysis by different attributes.

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