Updated PPI Now Available for Tanzania

The latest version of the PPI for Tanzania was created in June 2016 by Mark Schreiner of Microfinance Risk Management, L.L.C. Indicators in the PPI for Tanzania are based on data from Tanzania's 2011/12 Household Budget Survey.

As noted in the Design Documentation, this version supports relative (percentile-based) poverty lines. These lines allow poverty scoring to be applied in a number of additional types of analyses. For example, the second-quintile (40th-percentile) line — as well as the first quintile (20th-percentile) line — might be used to help track progress toward the World Bank’s (2013) goal of “shared prosperity / inclusive economic growth”, defined as income growth among the bottom 40 percent of the world’s people.

The new version also includes lookup tables for the 2011 PPP lines. As always, it's recommended to read the full Design Documentation Memo that accompanies each PPI version. There you will find more information about the definitions of poverty lines supported by this PPI, information on this PPI's accuracy, guidance on using this PPI, and national and regional poverty rates for benchmarking results. 

Download it here >