Welcome to the PPI Discussion Forum...Please Introduce Yourself!

Julie Peachey
• Innovations for Poverty Action
• United States
• 03/16/17
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Hi!  Welcome to the PPI Discussion Forum!  We hope you will take advantage of this to get to know other PPI users, see how they are benefiting from use of the tool, share experiences, challenges, and lessons learned!  Sharada Ramanathan and I will be actively moderating and contributing to this Forum, backed up by the fabulous Communications team at IPA.

A quick introduction of myself.  I'm Julie Peachey - the PPI's Director at IPA.  I moved over to IPA from Grameen Foundation in July 2016, along with the PPI.  I've been overseeing the PPI for more than 3 years, and worked at Grameen Foundation for 13 years.  Prior to that, my career was in accounting and finance, starting out with a big public accounting firm (KPMG), then a HR/benefits consulting firm, and then a super cool technology firm called ThoughtWorks.  I enjoy working with organizations around the world to help them understand the poverty profiles of their clients and use that data in their social performance management, M&E, product development, strategy, impact assessment, etc.  I always love meeting and hearing from PPI users, about how they are using the tool and what successes and challenges they are having with it.  Please introduce yourself here and let us know what's going on!



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Hi everyone! Thanks Julie and Sharada for setting up this discussion forum. I'm Bobbi Gray. As soon as Julie transitioned from Grameen Foundation to IPA, I transitioned from Freedom from Hunger to Grameen Foundation. As many know now, Freedom from Hunger and Grameen Foundation joined forces in December 2016. I'm a Research Director at the "new" Grameen and was with FFH for 12 years before that. At FFH, we often included the PPI in our client outcomes research and evaluation work; at Grameen, I see the PPI being used much more for internal conversations about client outreach which is exciting to see. I've also worked with Julie in the past to design a simple Excel-based tool that facilitates analysis of the PPI and additional indicators an organization might want to measure...we called this the Client Outcomes Performance (COPE) Indicators database. And am currently working with a few organizations in Peru to build off work they've already done with the PPI to think about how to integrate other social indicators of interest. Looking forward to engaging with members and participants of this forum.